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Don’t Miss the Eclipse!

Every once in a while, the heavens give us a great show that’s worth staying up late for. This Spring, citizens of North America will have their chance to catch a prenumbral lunar eclipse as Earth passes between the sun and the moon. Here’s more details on when you can catch it!

When to See the Eclipse in Buckeye

This year, there will be one eclipse of either variety that will be visible from North America. It takes place in the early morning hours of March 23rd and will last for a total of four hours and fifteen minutes. Lunar eclipses look pretty much the same, regardless of where you are in the world,and they happen at the same time. This lunar eclipse is set to begin at 2:39 am on March 23rd, so you’ll have to either stay up late or wake up early to catch it. The maximum effect of the eclipse will be at 4:47 am, and as it’s ending, the moon will be below the horizon here in Arizona.

More Space Exploration in Arizona

view of the moon from lunar eclipseIf you have a little space explorer at home, be sure to catch the eclipse this March. if you want to explore more of what Arizona has to offer in regards to astronomy, check out the Challenger Space Center in Peoria. Open year round, the space-science center features two levels of exhibits and memorabilia, including satellite exhibits, a model of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, and autographed memorabilia from past space missions. Check them out at

You can also check out the Dorrance Planetarium at the Arizona Science Center, located in downtown Phoenix. The Dorrance Planetarium includes a state-of-the-art NanoSeam dome with cutting-edge technology. When you enter, you’re fully immersed in the imagery of the galaxy and transported on an animated journey through space. For hours and pricing, go to

The motions of celestial bodies continue to dazzle new generations of explorers. Be sure to catch the eclipse this year!