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Haunted (Allegedly) Places near Buckeye

For those inclined to the paranormal, Arizona is supposedly a mecca of haunted homes and buildings. Buckeye is known for being especially rife with paranormal activity. Whether you’re a true believer or just a fan of getting the chills from a great ghost story, here are some accounts of sightings and hauntings around the Buckeye area.

Crater Range

The story goes that a couple driving along a stretch of Route 85 (called Crater Range, about ten miles north of Ajo, AZ) in the 1950s was on their way to their honeymoon in Lake Tahoe. In this area, the couple was killed when their car struck a rock on the side of the road. Locals tell the story that if you drive this stretch of road after midnight, you can see the couple and their car on the side of the road, and they will try to get you to stop and help them.

ghost hunterOne woman claims to have seen and spoken with a woman in the middle of the road after nearly running her over, “the best way I can explain her face was her mouth appeared to be extended. Kind of like the jokers makeup. And again all I had was moonlight. I shut the door and left crying! I was so scared. I called 911, and I think they thought I was crazy. But I was scared because I hit her. For that next week in my windows and stuff I kept seeing her face and that extended smile. I will never ever forget!.”


Wildflower Elementary

The elementary school located in nearby Goodyear is known for having a “singing” bathroom. The sixth grade girls’ restroom is known for producing eerie “singing” sounds.

The Beloat House

Former residents claim that the home that once stood near Beloat Road and Miller always had an uneasy feeling. Sitting abandoned for some time, many residents have gone poking around in the house and some have claimed to have caught recordings of disembodied voices speaking to the explorers.