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Visit Friendship Park

There’s no better time to take your children to play at the park than in Arizona’s fall/winter seasons. In fact, it’s a good time to do anything outdoors: take your dog to the park, go for a long walk, visit a Japanese garden, or watch a community sports game. You can do all those things at Friendship Park in Avondale, which is just a short drive away from Buckeye.

friendship parkFriendship Park is the perfect destination for when you want to spend some time outdoors. You’ll find three different playgrounds for your children to explore. Most parks only has one, but Friendship Park is ensuring your kids have the best time, so they gave you three!

Friendship Park also has a playground for your furry children: a dog park. It is attached to the main section of the park so you can conveniently allow your dog to be active with other K9’s while still remaining close to the human side of the park.

This park offers many different fields in addition to all other features. There are ten different multi-use fields, one softball field, and two little league fields. Included amongst all of these fields, are basketball and tennis courts for those sports not played on a field.

Unique in the realm of parks, Friendship park also provides you with a Japanese garden. Take time to reflect, and enjoy this unique feature of the park.

Friendship Park is located on McDowell Road, right off the Agua Fria River. Enjoy the lovely weather this season, and give yourself some outdoors time.